Puck’s Dream

A free style video drama inspired by Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The video watches about 30 people of various ages, immobile, mesmerized, lost in the woods at night, symbolically waiting to be touched by the magic of love. Only, in this instance, it is not a flower invisible Puck uses, but a torch. All are touched by love, but everybody responds in their own unique way, like in everyday life. Though some encounters between people are fortunate, some others are not, with unrequisite love and frustration emerging as themes.
Love is one of the biggest experiments for mankind. It often feels orchestrated by the pixies, some divine/social power, human subsconscious or merely biological instinct. But it is a fragile experiment, as people falling in love, desiring, being accepted or rejected, reciprocating, become vulnerable.
The video was shot in the park in Ilissia, Athens. Part of the park was occupied by almost 30 performers for a night. What started as a local, in-situ performance becomes global through the video art medium. Apart from global, we also hope, universal, like Shakespeare’s plays and, of course, love.

YearOct 2016Duration9 minsShown atGreek video art @ Fournos, Athens (Feb 2020). 1st CoOpenAir Festival, Thessaloniki (Oct 2018). Festival Miden, Kalamata (July 2018). The Palace meets Berlin: Fasching Feast & Exhibition, Berlin (February 2018). Eyes Walk Digital Festival, Ermoupoli (July 2017). Shakespeare Night @ Theatro Technis, Athens (Dec 2016).